"I Give Renee Moore full credit for bringing to light the American saga of Solomon Northup, leading to the Oscar-winning film 12 Years a Slave, and for keeping the torch lit by her lecturing and Internet presence. Here is a valuable modern grassroots Underground Railroad pioneer.”

 -Peter H. Michael, Publisher, Underground Railroad Free Press


"Thank you for taking the time to travel to Champlain to speak at our cultural series.Without dedicated researchers and speakers like you, many rural areas would not have the opportunity to learn about many parts of country's history.

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us."

 -Janet McFetridge, Samuel de Champlain History Center

"I never had the opportunity to thank you for being a guest our broadcast several times.
You were terrific.  Thank you so much for your willingness to come on with us and for doing such a wonderful job.  I heard from a listener who stated how nice the interview was and that the information shared was inspirational.  Thank God for that and for you."

 -Art Ware, Radio Host Gospel Hour broadcasting - Albany, NY


"Thank you so much for coming from New Jersey to speak to my class of first year students about Solomon Northup and the African American experience in 19th century America.

My goal for this course is to increase my students' understanding of the long struggle for racial equality in the United States.  By critically examining the persistence of racism in American society as well as studying successful movements to fight against racism, it sis my hope to convince these students that continued efforts are necessary and that success in this struggle is possible.

Your efforts to preserve and share the story of Solomon Northup and his experiences as both a free person of color and an enslaved African fit very well within my objectives.

I'm sure that my students benefitted from your presentation.  I hope that you were satisfied with their response.

I am glad you had the opportunity to share your perspectives with my students."

 -Paul Murray, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology




Saratoga Springs Public Library

November 19, 2015 Presentation